Stanley W.C.

MediLodge Staff,

I want to thank you for the care I had during my stay at Medi Lodge. When they told me that they wanted to transfer me from OMH, I was concerned because of the care people I know had when the same facilities was TenderCare. I must say, after being at Medilodge my concerns were not justified.

The MediLodge staff and facilities were above my expectations. I could not have asked for better care from the Nurses and their supporting personnel. They were all friendly and very professional. You are very lucky to have food service and dining facilities that could compete with the better local dining facilities. Even though you are not connected directly with OMH, that is not a problem since you have a nice bus and driver that will take you to other medical facilities.

I hope that I will not need long term care facilities in the future but if I do, my first choice would be Medilodge.


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