The Face of Today’s Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities Selfless and Passionate Caregivers

He is not only dedicated to the residents but also loves his job. As we all know that isn’t always the case in this occupation. But, he does and admits it with pride and a smile.

The Health Care Association of Michigan recently published a Letter To The Editor recounting a touching moment between Roger Sundeck, CNA, and one of the residents he provides care for. An excerpt from the experience can be read below.

Recently, he had a heart-rendering experience with one of his residents. She was dying. He knew it and went beyond his job description and let his heart and love guide him to be with her and provide her comfort in those final hours because she had no family tending to her. He came and sat with her several days before her passing so she wouldn’t feel or be alone, even in the middle of the night. Isn’t that something we all want in our final hours? He was her family in that small moment in time.

Click here to read full testimony praising our very own Roger Sundeck!

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