An Open Letter to the Staff at MediLodge of Gaylord from Pastor Scott Distler


An Open Letter to the Staff at MediLodge of Gaylord:

Nearly a year ago we had to make the very difficult decision to move my dad, whose Parkinson’s Disease was progressing, to a full-time care facility. Dad had just spent nine nights in the hospital and we were having to trust the Lord as to what facility he would be moved to at that time. MediLodge of Gaylord became that place. We quickly discovered that dad was not just a resident there, he was part of the MediLodge family. Over the last 11 months, you have not simply cared for him, you have loved him. On a daily basis, I have watched the amazing MediLodge Staff give him hugs and verbally tell him that they love him as they give him the quality care he needs. And it has not just been him, the staff at MediLodge has also become a huge support system for my mom as well. And if all that was not enough, last Tuesday night when my dad went into full respiratory arrest in his room, you went into action and literally saved my dad’s life.

The CNA saw that something was wrong and safely got my dad to a chair and called for the nurse who found no pulse. For 15 full minutes, you gave my dad CPR which resulted in getting his heart back beating. To even the doctor’s amazement, dad is doing quite well and seems to have no lasting repercussions. He currently is still in the hospital but is looking forward to going back to his home at MediLodge in the next few days. As I reflect on the many blessings God has brought into my life this past year, each of the loving and amazing staff at MediLodge of Gaylord is high on my list.

I very much appreciate each you and am thankful for the impact you have had on my dad and our family. It is my hope and prayer that our family can also be a blessing to each of you and the precious residents who we see daily that are under your living care as well. A dear Senior Saint once told me, “Growing old isn’t for sissies!” She could not have been more right. Yet, because of my dad’s faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus, we know that the best for him is yet to come! Until that day, we would not want my dad to be anywhere else or cared for by anyone else than each of you.

With deepest admiration and appreciation!

Scott Distler

Lead Pastor E-Free Church

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